BEFORE completing this form, contact your preferred pickup location to confirm availability:

  • 5920 Mavis Road, (Heartland) Mississauga ON – Phone: 905-826-2166
  • 4411 Kingston Road, Scarborough ON – Phone: 416-283-1438
  • 600 rue Auguste, (Montreal) Greenfield Park QC (incl. orders for Eastern ON, Upstate VT & NY) – Phone: 450-656-3915
  • 1560 LeBourgneuf, Quebec City QC – Phone: 418-622-1966

STEP 1: Contact your local Krispy Kreme Factory store to confirm your preferred date.
STEP 2: Once your preferred date is confirmed by the store, complete this Application and Order Form
STEP 3: Send in this order form

Orders may not be modified or cancelled less than 24 hours from order pick up date. All orders must be picked-up at your local Krispy Kreme store at a pre-arranged date and time.

Krispy Kreme FUNDRAISING™ programs and pricing structures are designed to assist charities and non-profit organizations/groups only. The pricing structure reflects Krispy Kreme’s commitment to helping our community and is not designed to provide a wholesale price to individuals or groups that would use our product for personal or corporate profit. In order to qualify for the use of our FUNDRAISING™ pricing, an organization must qualify as a non-profit organization as defined in one of the following ways:

  1. Educational – School or school related organization such as band, club, and student or parent group associated with a school or educational institution.
  2. Charitable – Funds are being used to support a charitable organization or benevolent cause.
  3. Community – Funds are being used to support community-based activities devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, or recreational purposes and not for individual gain.

As well, please provide a letter on the non-profit organization’s letterhead acknowledging the fundraising activity and signed by an organization executive (please attach letter).

    MississaugaScarboroughGreenfield Park (South Shore of Montreal)Quebec City

    Quantity of Original Glazed Dozens:

    Confirmation must be made no later than 48 hours prior to pick-up day for orders between 50 and 400 dozen. For orders of 400 dozen or more please confirm 7 days prior to pick-up day.

    Balloons (max 10)Banners (max 4)Paper Hats (specify Quantity)

    Credit CardDebitCashCertified Cheque

    For certified cheques, make payable to: Krispy K Canada Inc.